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Alva Wesley-Thomas & Associates, P.C., is a valuable resource for Texans looking for reliable information about debt relief. We offer dedicated legal counsel and representation when debt has become overwhelming. Bankruptcy can provide a much-needed financial "fresh start" in a time of debt crisis.

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"At the end of the seventh year you are to cancel the debts of those who owe you money." Deuteronomy 15:1

Bankruptcy as a source of relief for debtors has a long, distinguished tradition. A seven-year cycle of debt cancellation is described in the Old Testament, written more than 5,000 years ago. As Christian attorneys, we strongly believe that it was never God's intention for people to go through circumstances beyond their control — divorce, job loss, identity theft, staggering medical bills or disability — with no hope of a new beginning.

Founders of the United States made provisions for bankruptcy in the U.S. Constitution. Many well-known, accomplished Americans, including Abraham Lincoln, Henry Ford and P.T. Barnum (of Barnum & Bailey Circus fame), to name just a few, have filed bankruptcy throughout our nation's history.

There is no shame in considering all legal options when debt is out of control. Most people who file bankruptcy are able to do so discreetly. Chances are good that a friend, neighbor, relative or co-worker of yours has filed bankruptcy, too.

Discuss with a caring, compassionate and experienced bankruptcy law attorney any questions you may have. Contact us by phone or e-mail. Go over your financial situation and explore the possibility of bankruptcy as a solution. Through a required means test, determine which type of bankruptcy is right for you:

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A caring, compassionate Houston bankruptcy lawyer with nearly 35 years of experience, attorney Alva Wesley-Thomas is here to help you find the way to debt relief. The law firm also handles personal injury representation and provides advice on other legal matters. Schedule a free initial consultation regarding your needs or concerns, such as home foreclosure or protection from debt collectors. Call 713-278-0800 or e-mail our law offices. You can count on a compassionate, respectful response.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

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